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Director of Operational Excellence

at The Halal Shack
Albany, NY , Washington, D.C., San Diego, CA
Are you looking for a career with growth opportunity? Let us help develop you into a future leader of our company!

Who you are

  • Ability to Understand Profit and Loss Reports
  • Experience with Food Purchasing, Storing, Sanitation, and Inventory Practices and Procedures
  • Experience with LBW Purchasing, Storing, Sanitation, and Inventory Practices and Procedures
  • Experience with developing and implementing successful training policies and procedures.
  • Knowledge of Restaurant Safety and Sanitation
  • ServSafe Certification
  • Experience with Labor Cost Control and Labor Scheduling
  • Experience with Inventory Control Procedures
  • Basic labor laws and human resources practices
  • Proficient Math Skills
  • Outstanding skills in leadership, interpersonal communication, and staff development
  • Proven track record in managing a budget and cost controls to optimize profits and ensure success.

What you'll do

  • Report Directly to the Director of Operations and CEO 
  • Oversee all personnel, inventory and quality control efforts of units 
  • Take a hands-on management approach with all team members and restaurants to drive the vision, brand and direction of our Company. Corporate and Franchised restaurants.
  • Be accountable for all functional areas within Corporate Storesincluding full P&L, FOH/BOH Operations, Sales, Accounting and HumanResources
  • Hire great talent for your locations
  • Coach, train and support restaurant managers and team members on the service model, menu execution, systems and program implementation
  • Uphold standards, goals and strategies
  • Focus on problem solving and process improvement by leveraging restaurant management in each location
  • Motivate and recognize restaurant managers and their teams for their accomplishments
  • Developing and implementing new processes and procedures to improve operational efficiency
  • Analyzing data to identify operational trends and opportunities for improvement
  • Coordinating with other leadership within the organization toensure successful implementation of initiatives
  • Leading projects aimed at improving operational efficiency and reducing costs
  • Preparing reports on operational performance, including bench marks against industry standards or best practice
  • Motivating employees to improve performance by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation
  • Recommending new equipment purchases to improve efficiency
  • Establishing standards for other departments to follow when processing orders or performing other tasks
  • Developing new processes to streamline operations and improve customer service
  • Help to deliver on project/process documentation as part of transition of support to operations
  • Serves as key strategist with leadership in initiating and developing new strategic direction, long- and short-range plans and innovative initiatives.
  • Lead and/or participate in new restaurant openings trainings
  • Review and uphold expectations with guest reviews

Management Supervision

  • Oversee all General Managers daily duties and ensure company standards, policies, and procedures are being met. Step in- where needed to cut costs or fill in for Managers.
  • Ensure all Manager daily checklists and deadlines are being met.
  • Show leadership through hard work, loyalty, dedication, and honesty both to The Halal Shack and our corporate team.
  • Earn and maintain the respect of both Managers and team members through hard work, honesty, and strong leadership. Lead by example!
  • Lead the process of all disciplinary action of General Managers, Managers, and Kitchen Managers.
  • Support and oversee the recruitment, hiring, evaluation, development, and termination of all General Managers, Kitchen Managers, Managers, and supervisors.
  • Facilitate an environment of motivation through consistent rewards, appreciation, and acknowledgement of the Front of House and Back of House Managers and team members when they have performed a good job and met or exceeded performance goals.
  • Act as a mentor for new Managers and develop their talents for the greater benefit of them, our guests, and The Halal Shack.
  • Act as a business partner for experienced Managers to further develop their talents for the greater benefit of them, our guests, and The Halal Shack.
  • Lead performance evaluations, succession planning, and goal development efforts for all management team members.
  • Creating a positive work culture for all team members.

Cost Control

  • Review and assist all Managers with budgeted labor costs to ensure they are being met.
  • Review and assist all Managers with budgeted food, paper, and chemical costs to ensure are being met
  • Review and assist all Managers with Costs of Goods sold budgeted costs are to ensure being met
  • Review and assist all Managers with budgeted fixed and variable Operating Expenses to ensure they are being met
  • Create and execute ideas and procedures to help the Company reduce costs while increasing quality
  • Develop action plans with Managers to correct all issues with cost control.
  • Monitor the progress of action plans and adjust as needed.
  • Review performance goals and provide feedback to both Managers and franchisees of necessary changes.


  • Facilitate an environment that encourages training and development of Managers and team members according to The Halal Shack policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that all Front of House and Back of House managers and team members are trained using The Halal Shack training material
  • Ensure that all training material policies and standards are being followed and maintained by Front of House and Back of House teams.
  • Assist with the creation. maintenance and updating of all The Halal Shack training materials.
  • Develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the management teams to increase overall success.
  • Foster a learning environment throughout all restaurants.

Maintenance/Health Score

  • Ensure all Company stores’ interior, exterior, and equipment are maintained to the highest standard
  • Ensure equipment monthly maintenance schedules are followed
  • Oversee and help coordinate equipment, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical repairs and maintenance
  • Create and develop new strategies to help reduce repairs and maintenance costs
  • Ensure all The Halal Shack stores are kept clean and organized to the highest standards
  • Ensure all Health Department rules and codes are followed, and Health Inspection scores are equal to or greater than a 95.
  • Ensure overall exterior and interior cleanliness to enhance our guest experience.

Cash Handling and Theft Prevention

  • Oversee and ensure that Managers and team members are being 100% honest in their Comps, Voids and Promos.
  • Oversee and ensure that all safe balances are maintained at their correct levels and that NO paid outs are made from the safe’s money.
  • Ensure that all petty cash amounts are accounted for, balance, and are used properly
  • Ensure nothing is given away for free, that is not justified, and all products are accounted for.
  • Ensure all products that go out of the kitchen are accounted for food
  • Ensure that the waste/spill sheets are being used properly in all locations. All products must be either rung up or written on the waste/spill sheet.
  • Ensure that the MOD is approving the waste sheet after each shift.


  • Assist in working with and negotiating with suppliers and vendors.
  • Assist in executing Vendor purchasing contracts and deviated contract pricing.
  • Hold Vendors accountable and give them notice of improper pricing.
  • Ensure all goods we purchase are competitively shopped on a weekly basis.

Food & Drink Quality Control

  • Ensure The Halal Shack food quality meets the highest standards and company specifications.
  • Ensure all of The Halal Shack food recipes, ingredients, and plate presentations meet the highest standards and company specifications.

Guest Service Standards

  • Oversee and ensure that all The Halal Shack stores exceed our guest’s expectations for guest service.
  • Facilitate a “Guest First” and “Love it here” culture.
  • Oversee and ensure the development of our team to deliver the highest standards in Guest Service.


  • Work with the marketing department to help create inside and outside marketing promotions to help grow sales
  • Oversee and ensure the General Managers execute our marketing promotions, according to the plan
  • Oversee and ensure all private parties and group sales are executed to the highest standards and that we exceed our Guests’ expectations.

Staffing & Schedules

  • Overseeing and ensuring that the restaurants maintain proper staffing levels by working with the General Managers to meet these goals.
  • Overseeing and ensuring we are proactive in hiring to build up our staff levels when necessary and also by being proactive to trim down our staffing levels when necessary by working with the General Managers to meet these goals.
  • Oversee and ensure that all the schedules are accurately created to ensure proper staffing levels in all positions according to business demands.
  • Oversee and ensure that Overtime is only given when necessary and that the Managers are cutting staff when necessary and in the proper order for both Front of House and Back of House.

Corporate Office

  • Oversee and Ensure all the proper daily, weekly and monthly paperwork gets to the Corporate office on time and is placed in the proper location
  • Work directly with the National Director of Operations to ensure all deposits, cash handling procedures, and proper safe balances are being followed.
  • Work directly with the National Director of Operations to review each stores Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flow, General Ledger, and Account Reconciliation reports

Who we are

The Hala Shack mission is to unite cultures and people through food, one Sauce'n meal at a time. The Halal Shack has been nominated as one of the fastest growing and hottest concepts in America today by QSR magazine !

What makes us great

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Competitive pay and bonuses (4-10 weeks paid vacation and large bonuses)
  • Start from the ground floor, be a part of our exciting growth in the area!
  • 100% of our corporate team is promoted from within
  • Fun, dynamic, energetic environment